Business Programms

interior-elegant-office-conference-room-with-brown-window-curtain-also-black-leather-upholstered-chair-and-red-painted-table-for-mid-day-summit-office-conference-room-modern-office-conference-room-922x617Our Business Programms fall into the following Categories:


Camengine Place is dedicated to helping global organizations realise the full potential offered by flexible working models.

We enable them to grow revenues, reduce costs, increase profitability, become more agile and create great working environments.

How our products and services help meet strategic challenges in all areas of business?

we provide them with

  • meeting rooms,
  • high quality board rooms and,
  • video communications network for conference calls and meetings.

For a more nimble, more efficient approach that offers the most profitable ways of working for both your company and your employees, Camengine Place is the right choice for you.

New Brands START UPS

Start-up companies need to stay flexible and keep overheads low in order to succeed. Getting an office space can get in the way of new business from establishing well especially when it comes to organizing and arranging the office set up. New employers want to give employees a good befitting and organised environment. camengine place takes off the worries about office set up and search of office space.

We also know you want to be taken seriously to your clients,partners and employees.

So we have a range of products and services designed to help you set up quickly, easily and at the right price, while still projecting a professional image.


All the space you need to work your way – in offices, from home or on the move.

Giving you Your Space

Stay connected and effective, wherever you choose to work.

Meeting Facilities

Connect with the people at a reputable and comfortable place.

Whether you need a private or shared office, a virtual office or just some extra support, Camengine Place can help you at a price that won’t eat into your cash flow.


Grow your business with us

Camengine Place supports thousands of small and medium sized businesses every day, with their own unique blends of our products and services.

Convenient and Corporate Workplaces

Camengine Place gives you the  right place to work,

Meeting Facilities

We provide you with the opportunity to hold more productive meetings with partners and clients.