Charcoal plays a major role in most of the Asian and African countries both in energy and the economic sector. We can consider charcoal as an ideal fuel; the use of charcoal is increasing day by day and become attractive fuel for energy production for its usefulness and advantages.
We supply charcoal to all African Countries.
What You Can Do With Charcoal
Outdoor cooking.

You can use the energy of charcoal as our household’s works such as lighting, communications, and possibly for refrigeration, and cooking.

For melting iron and blast furnaces and finery forges.

Used in art for the purpose of drawing and making rough sketches for painting.

Used for horticulture.

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Used as a medicine or dietary supplement for gastric problems in the form of charcoal biscuits. In present it can be consumed in tablet, capsule or powder form, for digestive effects.