Exporting of Charcoal to Foreign Countries

We recently exported charcoal to Dubai. We have worked with ver 30 clients so far.

Charcoal is a dark grey or black resembles coal obtained by removing water and other volatile constituents from animal and vegetation substances. Charcoal is made by heating wood or other substances in the absence of oxygen, it only contains impure carbon. It is a source of energy and mainly used as a fuel.

  • Very essential and popular as cooking fuel. It is widely used for outdoor cooking.
  • Cheaper than other fuels or electricity and possible to use as substitute of other fuel.
  • The energy of charcoal can be used as our household’s works such as lighting, communications, and possibly for refrigeration, and cooking.
  • Used for industrial purpose for melting iron and blast furnaces and finery forges.
  • Used in art for the purpose of drawing and making rough sketches for painting.
  • Good for horticulture